Today like yesterday

Wagupoint Den Haag Wagyu This saying is very true for all of his team:
The quality of our products is priority number one for us every day.
For example at least 90% of all of our sausage and meat products are homemade on our premises. Likewise, our fresh beef, pork, veal, lamb and wagyu are of exceptional quality.
Our biggest challenge is to provide our customers with the same quality every day, in other words “Today like yesterday”.



Specialties - Barbecue

Barbecuing is great. Who would not like to enjoy a piece of juicy grilled meat or grilled vegetables outdoors on a warm summer evening? However for a good barbecue you need the right tools.

Some tips for a successful BBQ:

  • Always marinate or brush with vegetable oil so the food does not stick to the barbecue.
  • Put the food on the barbecue with a spatula or tongs. When using a fork, the meat is pierced and the juices are lost.
  • Never place barbecued food on the same plate as you put the raw meat.
  • Clean the grill after every use with a wire brush or crumpled aluminium foil.
  • Remove the accumulated ash from the bottom of the barbecue before lighting the fire in order to ensure proper airflow. Charcoal needs oxygen to burn. Make sure nothing obstructs the air vents.
  • Smoked food may look slightly pink when fully cooked. Make sure the food is completely cooked by checking the internal temperature with a meat thermometer or make sure the juice of poultry and pork is clear.
  • The lid is important and should be used on any barbecue you use, no matter what kind of food you barbecue. You save time (up to one third) compared with a conventional oven because the hot air is constantly circulating around the food while it cooks.