Today like yesterday

Wagupoint Den Haag Wagyu This saying is very true for all of his team:
The quality of our products is priority number one for us every day.
For example at least 90% of all of our sausage and meat products are homemade on our premises. Likewise, our fresh beef, pork, veal, lamb and wagyu are of exceptional quality.
Our biggest challenge is to provide our customers with the same quality every day, in other words “Today like yesterday”.

About us

Slagerij Peter Jan van den Broek wins Spareribs Trophy 2017.

Persbericht van KNS Koninklijke Nederlandse Slagers
Utrecht, 26 juni 2017

De Spareribs Trophy 2017 is gewonnen door slager Peter Jan van den Broek uit Den Haag. Op 26 juni ontving de slager van de gelijknamige slagerij deze felbegeerde Trophy van de vakwedstrijd georganiseerd door de Koninklijke Nederlandse Slagers.

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The butcher's shop

The butcher’s shop “Slagerij Peter Jan van den Broek” which has been located on the corner of Reinkenstraat / Obrechtstraat for over 35 years, is a landmark in the Duinoord district of The Hague. The business has been built up around the van den Broek family, who have been in this business for generations. The shop is located in a historic building dating from 1896, which has always been used as a butcher’s shop and still has some original Art Nouveau features, including a tile picture of the famous painting by Paul Potter, dating from ±1880.

Our assortment of meats is extensive and always freshly prepared according to traditional methods but with the latest equipment. We personally select only the best livestock which are then prepared to ensure the highest quality and flavour for our customers.