Today like yesterday

Wagupoint Den Haag Wagyu This saying is very true for all of his team:
The quality of our products is priority number one for us every day.
For example at least 90% of all of our sausage and meat products are homemade on our premises. Likewise, our fresh beef, pork, veal, lamb and wagyu are of exceptional quality.
Our biggest challenge is to provide our customers with the same quality every day, in other words “Today like yesterday”.


Wagyu haas slagerijvandenbroekOns Wagyuvlees is vrij van hormonen en vrij van antibiotica.

Ons Wagyuvlees is afkomstig van Wagu runderen gefokt en opgegroeid in de belangrijkste landbouwgebieden.

Al het vee wordt opgevoed met vrije uitloop in een natuurlijke schone omgeving.